Saturday, July 29, 2006

Misfingerings common in band flutists

I just finished a PDF that can be printed out for Band Flutists.
It's part of a larger document of common "bad habits" of flute students who don't take private lessons.
And talk about "preaching to the choir!" :>)

But flute teachers like myself, who do frequent clinics at various middle schools and high schools in their area, might like to send this PDF ahead to the band teachers for them to hand out to students, along with a simple, one page fingering and/or trill chart, if needed.
Then when you arrive to do your short clinic, at least you'll have one topic that the students already know a little something about.

Help yourself to the PDF at the link below. It covers a few basics:
Common fingering mistakes for student flutists to fix

And send your ideas to me, too.
The comments section is open for your opinions and thoughts. (below)
Happy band students all around! :>)
Jen Cluff