Monday, January 25, 2010

Celtic Flute Trios for sale

Celtic Flute Trio sheet music
For sale in pdf $15 each using paypal
(or gift-certificates)

Flutzalad Celtic Suites for c-flute trio
Level: Intermediate

Dear Flutists and flute teachers,

Yes, they are GORGEOUS, if I do say so myself.
I've arranged three suites of Celtic Flute trios for three c-flutes. All of them come with separate flute parts and full score.

Flutzalad Suite No. 2 ($15)
Fantasia on 'She Moved Through the Fair'-Road to Listovarnia - Morris Dance

See sample page of score
Listen to a midi play whole score.

Flutzalad Suite No. 3 ($15)
Scarborough Fair - Mari's Wedding.

See sample page of score here.
Listen to midi of whole score.

Flutzalad Suite No. 1 ($15)
Gounod's Mireille - Dream of Arren - Jen's Drone
See sample page of score.
Listen to midi of whole score on mp3.

The individually printed flute parts are Flute 1, Flute 2, Flute 3. Click on the jpeg to enlarge to see the clarity of the parts (use back button to come back here.:>)

Cues, breath marks when needed, and all editing has been done in advance.
Plus, every player gets equal solo time and each part is an equal level of difficultly. The full score is a handy reference at rehearsals. The trios are suitable for high school aged players as well as particularly useful for gigs for professional flute trios.
They're also great for forming trio groups from students who are overlapping their lessons by ten minutes. The individual flute parts come together beautifully on the first read for teachers/pro-players, but there is endless possibility to play them with even greater musicianship.

Please enjoy these samples, and email me at if you would like to purchase them. They are for sale (using Paypal) for $15 each and you will receive them within the day to print out at home.
Each includes score, and three individual flute parts, in pdf.
For ensembles where some players have B-foot, and others C-foot, the parts are clearly marked.

You can hear the above midi samples (played by Sibelius midi--eeek! I hope to get mp3s of real flutists playing them soon) by clicking on the links to arrive at 4shared where you'll see a little mp3 player which will play them for you.
It looks like this:

Just click on the little PLAY button on the left side of the tiny player when you arrive.

Special offer: for a short time, if you buy all three in one order (Three Flutzalad Suites 1-3 for $45), I will add a fourth flute trio by Handel from the opera Julius Ceasar Act III "Piangero la sorte mia" for free (regularly $10). This is a stunning Aria followed by an exciting presto. Beautiful, lively and thrilling.

Hope to hear from you at
And if you're looking for wedding music for two flutes (Pachelbel's Canon, Flower Song from Lakme, Wager's "Here Comes the Bride" and Trumpet Voluntary by Clarke, plus more, see my Wedding Duet book ($15) in pdf.