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General index of all Jen's blog posts
 with the  most recent (2017-) at top:
  1. Why the best players don't always win auditions
  2. A gorgeous Bach Brandenberg 2
  3. New Carol Wincenc Film
  4. A Very Quiet Whistle - good whistletone videos
  5. New Sheridon Stokes Film
  6. New Music - Eight Funtasies by Solvenian Composers
  7. Prokofiev Classical played on piccolos for Finale (update)
  8. Composer Anlun Huang - beautiful flute music
  9. Scottish Baroque; beautiful music
  10. Wonderful outspokeness
  11. Still Here, Still Thinking
  12. A Song of Dusk - New Music for Flute
  13. Audio interview with Sheridon Stokes
  14. Summer Restart for Me
  15. Playing around with Nielsen
  16. Kobe - Round Two
  17. a Podcast for when you're fired from the arts
  18. Masks for flute performing
  19. New Years revival with Edmund-Davies
  20. Top Ten Secrets of Great Flute Playing
  21. Kobe Flute Competition Announcement
  22. Pahud plays Debussy Trio
  23. Subscribers to blog now on
  24. New Northern Ireland Flute Podcast
  25. Retirement Gift and Thankyou
  26. Interesting things for March
  27. Robison mentored by Moyse
  28. Articles on Flutetalk free! Moyse TDTI
  29. Alison Fierst & Robert Langevin NYPhil
  30. Beauty in Simplicy (Handel)
  31. The Super Shortest Headjoint You'll See
  32. Huge Flute Piano Sheetmusic Resource
  33. Gareth Davies Interview
  34. Rachel Brown plays Beethoven
  35. Possible Magic - Resmini & Great Train Race
  36. Jos├ęphine Olech Interview
  37. Piccolo videos Fantastico
  38. Michael Cox Masterclass & Q&A (free)
  39. Getting Back in Shape (after years away)
  40. Summer Practise Motivation (podcast)
  41. William Bennett teaching (video)
  42. Julien Beaudiment - Flutist
  43. Free stay-at-home Excercises by Edmund-Davies
  44. Jen talks about flute philosophy (mp3 audio)
  45. Free Flutetalk Articles May 2020
  46. How to Convert a Wav File to an mp3 using Audacity
  47. deep contemplation of a life spent fluting
  48. Micromovements in Rampal's Embouchure
  49. Film about Classical Stagefright
  50. Teaching Flute Online 3 Ways
  51. Musical Togetherness (collaborative videos)
  52. Peace, Calm, Hope (Covid message)
  53. Do You Really Need a Conductor?
  54. Tchaikovsky opus 45 fast fingerings
  55. Jolen Harju's practicing videos
  56. Demarre McGill - interviews, playing, teaching
  57. How to Sound Like (famous composer) videos
  58. Finger Height on the Flute
  59. Projecting your sound in an acoustic space
  60. Those crazy virtuostic tempo markings
  61. Britten's Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra fingerings
  62. Podcasts Life as Musicians - Alternative Fingerings free
  63. Dystonia - Keith Underwood - PE Davies Noodles
  64. Speechless- video 12 yr old plays Rodrigo
  65. Comparing multiple thousand dollar flutes
  66. Tchaik Competition & Underwood Classes
  67. Prague Flute Competition videos
  68. Nathan Cole's excellent teaching
  69. First round Nielsen Videos
  70. Lorna McGhee teaches Daphnis et Chloe excerpt
  71. Robert Dick on Breathing for Flutists
  72. How do you know when you're not a prodigy?
  73. Terri Sanchez's good quality flute teaching (videos)
  74. Why Music is like a Cathedral
  75. Vivaldi too early to show piccoloist's real stuff
  76. Bach's bwv 1013 on Baroque Flute - Barile
  77. Quick Tricks for flute playing
  78. Podcasts for the Thinking Flutist
  79. Jen's scale tempi ideas
  80. How to practice for 2-week lessons
  81. How to get ready for a first rehearsal
  82. Bach Sarabande Hilary Hahn
  83. Free Piano Accompaniments
  84. Vitali Chaconne & Fluteloops Audio restore
  85. Davies Free Rabboni Sonata 16
  86. L'Apres Midi; Nine Minutes that Changed the World CBC - CBC Radio Canada podcast
  87. Flutist Parents raise a Violinist - Roger Cole's grandson
  88. Pahud plays Khachaturian Concerto
  89. Spring in your step? - Pahud plays Khachaturian (video)
  90. Ibert Concerto Tremelo Fingerings
  91. Paul Dunkel interview (film)
  92. Slowing the tempo for accompaniment tracks
  93. Happy New Year 2018 - Resmini interview
  94. B-flat fingerings - 24 Sequences Edmund-Davies
  95. Ornaments: Grace Notes, Appogiaturas, Trills, Grupetti
  96. Flute Composer's Historical Timeline
  97. The Flute may be Metal, but you are not
  98. Lorna McGhee teaching Prokofiev & Beethoven
  99. Lea Pearson Webinar on Body Tension Solutions
  100. Kobe International Flute Competition on youtube
  101. Free Sequences from Paul Edmund-Davies
  102. Anchor Tonguing on Flute
  103. Should I roll my wrists to tune?
  104. Kohler's Doll's Waltz - free study guide
  105. Paul Edmund-Davies new teaching videos
  106. Bourikaov - Mariinsky video
  107. Emmanuel Pahud teaching Daphnis (video)
  108. Masterclasses worth seeing and hearing (2 videos)
  109. Victor Morosco Masterclass Video
  110. Free Flute Gigging Sheetmusic
  111. Beginner Questions - Bent C# foot - Difficult high notes
  112. Scherzo from Midsummer Night's Dream
  113. 18 Steps - A "how to" video of classical music (humour)
  114. What do articulation markings mean?
  115. Pressler Masterclass on Piano Trio Playing
  116. High B3 - how to get it to speak
  117. Crown & Cork: Are you twisting your crown?
  118. Starting the piccolo - if you already play flute
  119. Free Flute-Piccolo Dissertations
  120. Susan Hoeppner - How to Prepare for a Recital article
  121. High D (D4) Embouchure Change
  122. Recording Duets Easily on a Zoom - free pdf 800kb easy to read instructions
  123. Being James Galway documentary - full length film on youtube
  124. Jacot to play Sunday 7 am Reineke livestream
  125. Barile plays Khachaturian
  126. How to Get Started on the Flute
  127. Underwood - Embouchure for Doublers especially - video interview with Keith Underwood
  128. Watch Lorna McGhee Teach
  129. Watch Prague 2015 Flute Competition (video) - Four flutists compete in finals
  130. Sonority Warmups from Edmund-Davies
  131. My old flute is dying, do I need a new flute?
  132. Pencil Grips as anti-skid flute wideners
  133. Your Fluteplaying Brain
  134. Interesting conversations with Met Opera flutists
  135. Is one month of lessons enough to assess?
  136. Finger Gym Exercises by Paul Edmund-Davies
  137. Bach Chaconne BWV1004 free flute transcription
  138. Free Pleasures of Pan pdf sheetmusic
  139. Adam Walker Flamenco Etude-Zgraja
  140. Dec 1 - Geneva Competition livestream
  141. Electronic Tuner or Tuning CD?
  142. Amy Porter - Masterclass/Recital online
  143. How to Warm-Up to practice flute
  144. The Nielsen Competition 2014 WATCH online
  145. Video of Butterfly during flute competition
  146. Widmann Suite played by Joshua Smith
  147. How to Organize Your Flute Music
  148. Jen's Feature Interview - Article on Jen Augst 2014
  149. Michael Cox teaches Bizet's Entracte
  150. Neck tension while playing flute
  151. How to clean and repair a flute? Take it to the shop! - expert work is best
  152. Now that is might fine chamber coaching
  153. Post Pahud Live Broadcast
  154. May 24 2014 Livestream Pahud Masterclass etc - Pahud livestream, Met Auditions, Picc. Intonation
  155. Donjon's Offertoire by Garrison - Leonard Garrison teaches Donjon for Intermediate Flutists
  156. Stunning! - Emma Resmini at 13 years of age; flute recital
  157. Jen's Fave Rave Etude List
  158. Thoughtful Performances, Baroque-Romantic
  159. 3. Practising Musical Line - Tartini
  160. Pahud Masterclasses
  161. 2. Musical LIne - Outlining
  162. 1 Understanding Musical Line
  163. Armstrong plays too sharp
  164. The Bane of the Borne We Bear
  165. 30 year old piccolo question
  166. A Powerful Four
  167. And you thought your recital was difficult!
  168. Your mind-set makes a difference
  169. All three B-flats are needed - part 2
  170. Wordless Expression
  171. Orchestral Excerpt preparation
  172. Kummer Trios for free
  173. First Canadian Flute Convention!
  174. Teaching Resources - Pahud, Denk & Sax Lessons
  175. Time charting of Practicing?
  176. Intermediates Ask; Teflon tape, thick lips, flashy pieces
  177. Novice Questions from past three months
  178. Fluters on Scooters? Beauty shared.
  179. Back in town and ready to flute!
  180. Are we flute players all tied in knots?
  181. 3. Drouet, Camus, the Handsome Etude
  182. 2. De-monstering the 'tudes
  183. 1. Monster Etudes! Gak!
  184. Why work on the standard B-flat fingering?
  185. Beginner Questions
  186. Midsummer Inspiration
  187. Rampal's Japanese Melodies sheetmusic
  188. Flutey Multi-Tracking H4N
  189. Historic Flute Recordings
  190. Some beauty must be shared
  191. How do I get faster fingers? (free pdfs)
  192. Why is my tone inconsistent from day to day?
  193. Help I'm 30 cents flat all the time
  194. New Videos, Fave Flutists
  195. Embouchure Questions & Rampal Videos
  196. Part 2. High-Med-Low Longtone Warmups (free pdfs)
  197. Part 1. Low Longtone Warmups (free pdfs)
  198. Easy Posture & Pure Tone
  199. Flute Moves on Chin
  200. Teaching Breathing Easily
  201. The Art of Playing the Flute!!! The Book
  202. The Mistral Fanfare - Lots of Excitement!
  203. The Wiggley Road to Success
  204. Jazzy Dudes - Modes & 7th chord free pdfs
  205. Flute Pedagogy Notes
  206. Piccolo Questions
  207. Creative Scale Practice for Flute Students
  208. Part 3 of Morning Scale Class
  209. Part 2 of Morning Scale Class
  210. James Galway's Morning Scale Class
  211. Musician's Injuries and Self-Trigger Point Therapy
  212. Think summer..think Denk & Robison
  213. Free Breathing Masterclass with Pahud
  214. Bach for Flutists
  215. Denis Bouriakov miracle dude
  216. Flutists can learn so much from Cellists
  217. Handel Errata & Quantz's vertical lines
  218. Whole Tone scales & Dom-Dim Sevenths
  219. Best Flute Trill Charts - free online
  220. 99 Solos and Studies from Australia
  221. Geoffrey Gilbert plays Debussy
  222. Paula Robison plays Vivaldi & Lanier
  223. Pahud Flute Fundamentals video excellent!
  224. Alto & Bass Flute Repertoire List
  225. Even the roll is dicey - flute boardgame
  226. Mathieu Dufour plays Poulenc
  227. Beethoven & Your Brain
  228. New Carnegie-RCM flute syllabus free online
  229. James Galway & Beethoven Serenade op.25
  230. Andersen op. 15 lessons by Paul Edmund Davies
  231. Flute Duets Grade 3-5
  232. Good vs. Great musicianship
  233. E is for Excellence - E is for Etudes
  234. Do I need a new flute? Or is my old one broken?
  235. Tone Experiments for Advanced Flutists
  236. Digitally Ubiquitous - Jen's profile in Flutist Quarterly
  237. Flute Auditions youtube orchestra
  238. Does piccolo fourth octave exist?
  239. More on Moyse
  240. Top Teeth where Upper Lip should be
  241. How to dismiss a teacher
  242. Trios ahoy
  243. Tchaikovsky Tremelo Fingerings
  244. Emma plays Gaubert & Mouquet
  245. Gypsy Style flute repertoire for students
  246. New Vivaldi Flute Concerto
  247. Free Tuning Drones for Flute
  248. Top Flute Orchestral Excerpts on youtube today
  249. Bamboo sound-effects for silver flute
  250. Circle of Fifths to print
  251. Quantz & Galway - same advice three centuries apart
  252. Get excited about music
  253. 4 - Marcel Moyse - Pearls from the Master
  254. 3 - Marcel Moyse - Pearls from the Master
  255. 2 - Marcel Moyse - Pearls from the Master
  256. 1 - Marcel Moyse - Pearls from the Master
  257. Big flute sheetmusic news for flute teachers
  258. Christmas Carols for Flute Trio
  259. Part 3 - 10 Things I wish I'd Known
  260. Part 2 - 10 Things I wish I'd Known
  261. Part 1 - 10 Things I wish I'd known
  262. Fumbling Fingers?
  263. Rave reviews for my Celtic Trios
  264. Eva-Nina Kozmus wins Eurovision with Ibert Concerto
  265. Method books for adult novice
  266. Some beauty just must be shared
  267. Why is my flute always flat?
  268. Opera Arias for flute & mp3 backing tracks
  269. Subtle blending of Pahud in St. Matthew's
  270. new Azumi curved beginner flutes
  271. TMJ & the weight of gold
  272. The Incredible serenity of Timothy Hutchins
  273. Paula Robison videos
  274. Robert Langevin in recital
  275. Tonguing from the throat for four years
  276. Flute Duets - free online sheet music
  277. Bright vs Dark Flute Tone Qualities
  278. LSO on tour blog - Petrouchka's street musicians
  279. Free video Pahud plays Haydn Symphony 92
  280. This blog has moved
  281. Prokofiev Flute Sonata fingerings for high D triplets
  282. Spanish Music for Flute, Harp & Strings
  283. Galway's high register embouchure video
  284. Plugs in open-hole flutes
  285. Wedding Duets for Flutes
  286. Flute Concerti with orchestra, parts, score, piano all-in-one
  287. Pahud new Opera CD
  288. Galway - Embouchure observation
  289. Celtic Flute Trios for sale
  290. Psychology of an orchestral career
  291. Flute for Smarties (Dummies) great!
  292. Bach Chaconne with Bouriakov
  293. 21 year old Adam Walker wins LSO Principal
  294. Altering the Pitch to Play Along with a CD
  295. Flutes at outdoor and beach weddings
  296. High C fingerings & Mahler's 5th Symphony
  297. Marcel Moyse's embouchure instructions
  298. Chaminade too challenging for Honor Band audition?
  299. How to learn Etudes
  300. Just one flute lesson?
  301. The Adult Beginner - Is it all about Talent?
  302. Klickstein's book about practicing
  303. Teachers playing along with students?
  304. The frowning piccoloist
  305. The leadership style of great conductors
  306. Debost, locking pinky, and fan mail
  307. Beautiful Telemann by Il Giardino Armonico
  308. Bach Mobius Canon
  309. James Galway's Callouses
  310. Moyse plays Mozart D Major in 1930
  311. The Savvy Musician
  312. Videos of Flutist's Body Mapping
  313. Robert D. on Throat Tuning
  314. All you have to do is LISTEN - Rob Kapilow on CBC podcast
  315. Videos of Flute Teaching 'How tos' restored
  316. Bobby McFerrin scale demonstration video
  317. Galway on Moyse, Nagahara flutes etc.
  318. Cat Piano Concerto creativity factor
  319. Plainsong performed by Robert Aitken
  320. Peter & Wolf fingerings
  321. Just for Fun - Carnival of page turns
  322. Voliere or Aviary by Saint-Saens
  323. Mastery; by George Leonard
  324. Beginner resting flute on shoulder?
  325. Embouchure, Smilin' Juttin' and Jivin'
  326. Il flauto traverso by Gianni Lazzari
  327. Jaw motion for flute - Is your jaw jutting too much?
  328. Documentary - Trout Quintet - Watching Musicians at Work
  329. The Smile Embouchure & why it doesn't work
  330. Lorna McGhee teaching in a recent flute masterclass
  331. L'Apres Midi with Lorna McGhee & London Symphony
  332. How soon to introduce singing while playing?
  333. Slashes through note stems?
  334. Best right thumb position on the flute?
  335. Memorization, Metronome Tricks & Practice Tips
  336. Prokofiev Classical re-write for flute & piccolo
  337. Bouriakov plays Mendelssohn Violin Concerto E Minor
  338. Stagefright Cures - reimaging the outcome
  339. Paula Robison Vivaldi & Godard films from 1978
  340. over-working your practising? Try Underwood....
  341. How to repair a flute
  342. Can you buy a good quality pink flute?
  343. Thumbport left hand index finger support
  344. Can flute scales be more interesting to work on?
  345. Listen to flute CD by April Clayton
  346. Gustavo Dudamel and the Teresa Carre?o Youth Orchestra
  347. Rampal & Baker , Doppler Andante & Rondo
  348. James Galway Undine, Taffanel, Prokofiev Sonata on youtube
  349. Srul Irving Glick Sonata for Flute & Piano
  350. Get re-excited about really listening to music
  351. Marais to soothe the ancient ears
  352. Blast from the past; flute music from the '70s
  353. Defying gravity - flute keys that tilt backward
  354. Performing in a hall full of echoes
  355. Karen Smithson's valuable flute method books
  356. Adult re-starting flute on a budget
  357. How to tune a flute quartet or flute ensemble
  358. In the search box, question on how to get high B
  359. What are some good flute pieces?
  360. Historical timeline for choosing Flute Repertoire
  361. 8 year old Emma's Recital
  362. What does practising look like?
  363. Tromlitz flute book online
  364. Debost's Simple Flute from A to Z online at google books
  365. Baxtresser articles; great resource
  366. Incredible flute inventions for the 21st century
  367. Isabelle Chapuis Starr interview
  368. Flexible Flute Embouchure; letter from a happy flutist
  369. Excellent Christmas Duet Book by Vance
  370. Part 2 of Tone, Technique, & Releasing unecessary flute tensions....
  371. Tone, Technique, & Releasing unecessary flute tensions....
  372. James Galway's Paris Recital on mp3
  373. De Falla Seven Spanish Songs video
  374. Linda Chatterton radio interview & performance
  375. Syrinx & Marais Folies to hear online (free)
  376. Music Theory for Flutists
  377. Beginner & Novice level Studies or Etudes for Flute
  378. Books of interest
  379. Playalong Flute CDs & sheetmusic books with CD for flute
  380. Alexander Technique videos for flute players
  381. John Rush flute listening
  382. Practical advice on flutist's balance & flexibility
  383. Galway talks about flute arm pain
  384. Prodigies & regular humans
  385. Flute tapers, fade-outs, diminuendos, note endings, soft-endings
  386. How to stand using a music stand
  387. The articulation "Ah HA!" discovery
  388. Widor Suite played by James Galway
  389. Flute Scales Flute Scales Flute Scales Whoooeeee!
  390. Will-o'-the-wisps in a musical performance
  391. Galway on Moyse Sonorite
  392. Stretching & loosening exercises for the flutist
  393. How to Clean a Flute
  394. Fletcher Flute Acoustics Article from 1974
  395. Flute Business Portfolio creation
  396. Now THIS is great teaching!
  397. Some of my favourite things...Argerich playing Prokofiev
  398. The Norman Lebrecht interviews on BBC3
  399. The Flute & the Jaw Bone
  400. Questions from beginner flute players
  401. How to tune a flute
  402. headjoint cork affects tone & tuning
  403. Updating the RCM Flute Syllabus
  404. Ode to Joy with metronome
  405. Truly moving an audience - fantasy& gnocchi
  406. Performing music with Authority or Authenticity?
  407. Benjamin Zander film 'Everybody really does love Classical Music'
  408. More practising motivation tips for flute
  409. How to get back into flute after a hiatus
  410. How to Really Bomb a Masterclass
  411. Sewing flute case covers
  412. Soul satisfying summer flute practising
  413. The Triangle of Flute Skills
  414. Skills for advanced flute students
  415. Flute Care for beginners
  416. Hand & Arm Strain, and Flute Headjoint Alignment
  417. Free Mozart & Scarlatti flute duet sheetmusic
  418. Jen performs Piazzolla Histoire du Tango 1 & 2
  419. Jen performs Piazzolla Histoire du Tango 3 & 4
  420. Jen performs Ravel & Ibert
  421. Jen plays Glick Sonata 1st mvmt
  422. free flute scale piano accompaniments
  423. Flute tone videos on Youtube helped!
  424. National Youth Orchestra
  425. Double Tonguing on Flute
  426. Pain in practise, not in performance
  427. Fluteloops 10 radio show with James Boyk
  428. Flute Fingering Chart for free
  429. Bezaly plays Lindberg Concerto, free tracks
  430. Flute Recitals listings of Fenwick Smith
  431. The Art of Possibility by Zander
  432. flute fingering chart to fill in with new fingerings
  433. Winter Music for Free
  434. Moyse Flute tone advice
  435. Teaching Tone videos 2 & 3
  436. Teaching Tone video no. 1
  437. What's the deal with LONGTONES?
  438. links to other flute technique free pdfs & mp3s
  439. Free major-minor scales with harp harmony
  440. Piccolo exercises online
  441. Outstanding new Galway teaching videos
  442. Free groovy flute beginner & novice music
  443. A Day in the life of a University Flute Major
  444. Skill Levels for Incoming College Flute Majors
  445. Alexandra Grot video
  446. Martin Ballade by McGarr on YouTube
  447. Seeing again; McGhee CDs; Wye NFA; lip trembling
  448. Flute Pitch Naming
  449. Fab free flute concert online - Hutchins, Hoeppner etc.
  450. Denis Bouriakov might just blow your tiny mind!
  451. When I play all-tongued, I thpit too much
  452. Playing the flute in tune
  453. Expanding Intervals Warmup
  454. Scalegame playalong mp3 to download
  455. The Secrets of Playing in an Orchestra
  456. Playing with tone colours
  457. Centering the embouchure in a grade 7 student
  458. Fluteloops Radio Show No. 9
  459. Military posture or parallelism
  460. Flute Quality & Longevity when buying
  461. Piano mp3 accompaniment tracks
  462. Gilbert on Facility vs. Technique
  463. Flute Trills & how to read and play them
  464. How to Market Your Music CD
  465. Jazzy flute choir pieces with percussion?
  466. The Top Ten Reasons to Take Flute Lessons
  467. The misuse of a single middle finger and what it means to me... :>)
  468. Fluteloops Number Eight!! :>)
  469. Mozart Andante in C - What grade is that?
  470. Trouble getting started with today's practicing?
  471. Flute Rockin' wid' Rockstro
  472. Feeling Awareness & freeing tension
  473. Galway's Texas Masterclass 2007 on video
  474. Using the Mirror for Flute Tone Development
  475. James Galway at 50 now on YouTube
  476. Part Two video on Embouchure Flexibility
  477. New Video on Embouchure Flexibility
  478. Muscle soreness at exam time
  479. On grading musical magnificence
  480. Flute Lessons after a debilitating illness
  481. Professional Flute Performance Videos Online
  482. Why are flute discussion groups like Cartalk?
  483. Testing a New Flute on Trial
  484. Why some flute brands and not others?
  485. Tricky Trills
  486. Technical skill flute books
  487. Video on great flute books for articulation practice
  488. Teaching hand placement for the novice band-flutist
  489. Teaching headjoint-only & "Right Hand on the Barrel"
  490. Question about teaching a 12 yr. old beginner flutist
  491. Videos on flute cleaning & marking
  492. Flute Assembly Video on Youtube
  493. Quiet, quick, full breaths on flute
  494. James Galway's latest teaching mp3 EXCELLENT!
  495. Stagefright Interview Fluteloops shows 6 & 7
  496. Fluteloops 3, 4 & 5 on Stagefright Cures!!
  497. Sunday music that's beautiful on a sunny day
  498. James Galway Inteview on Fluteloops no. 2
  499. New Fluteloops Radio Show
  500. Baxtresser's best advice
  501. Band Director's Handout for Flutists
  502. Starting flute teaching
  503. Flute students dealing with braces
  504. Stagefright Cures
  505. Misfingerings common in band flutists
  506. Adult Re-Beginner Flutists
  507. How to learn flute scales
  508. Technique Duets for Spicing up Flute Lessons
  509. Spicing up your Flute Teaching
  510. Footjoint alignment - Easing the pinky's reach
  511. Throat noises while playing flute
  512. Last gig of the season
  513. New Home for my Website
  514. Buzzing Bees & Sharon Bezaly
  515. Are there any "how to teach flute" books?
  516. Getting a professional sounding flute TONE
  517. how to speed up the piece "Arrival of the Queen of Sheba"

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