Jennifer Cluff's Book 'The Craft of Playing the Flute'

Canadian Flutist and Teacher


Jennifer Cluff's 2018* publication:

The Craft of Playing the Flute

How to Play the Flute Really Well, Really Quickly


New Book (not yet available; try back in 2018) by Jennifer Cluff containing
great practice tips for flute students:

After writing a manual on "How to Practice to get really good really quickly" for her private students, and receiving many requests for copies of this manual, Jennifer realized that a new book was needed in the flute world. She is currently completing an illustrated and upbeat book entitled The Craft of Playing the Flute - How to Play the Flute Really Well, Really Quickly which will be available (hopefully! :>) in 2018-19*.

 This book is intended as an inspiring and enlightening resource of ideas for those who wish to gain quicker flute proficiency while exploring their musical, artistic, and imaginative minds. It is written in a casual yet engaging way, loads of fascinating daily exercises are included, as well as some great duets. This manual will be of interest to the intermediate student and the advanced flutist alike. The hope is to give the developing flutist a wealth of creative ideas that will make practicing interesting, engage the curiosity and create a personalized practicing journey for the individual. Helpful hints from a professional flutist that have been collected from a lifetime of practising happily, will be available to the reader in a fun and easy to use format.

*So so sorry for the delays (for those who keep emailing to say "is it ready yet?"). I could give you excuses like "brilliance takes time", but instead I'll just keep at it. :>) In the meantime, there's a large flute-player's "reading list" to sort through and read. Enjoy!

Announcements will be made on the three flute discussion groups I belong to when this publication is ready for sale.

Please don't email me asking me "when?"--- honestly, it just slows me down in my typing----------just trust in your flute lessons with your own wonderful private flute teacher, and know that the genius fabulouso "Craft of Flute" book will be finished soon. Or at least it is my dearest hope.    ha ha! :>)

Ooops.   (( :> )


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