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More Flute Duets:

For Jen's pick of standard duets see previous repertoire page

Beginner Duets recommended by other flute teachers:

Learn to Play Flute Duets; Pub: Alfred
Yamaha Flute Duets
Easy Classics for Flute; Pub: Mel Bay
Belwin Master Duets, Volume 1/Easy; Arranged by Keith Snell
Abracadabra Flute Duets
Sarah Watts: Favorite Celtic Melodies for Two Flutes;Pub: Mel Bay

Jessica Walsh: Celtic Music for Flute OR Medieval & Rennaisance Music for Flute; from

Free Flute Duets in pdf sheetmusic online

Easy Duets for two flutes (free online):

Mozart & Scarlatti Duets (scroll down when you arrive at final link):

Baroque Duets:

Quantz duets:

List of easy flute duets: (not all are strong arrangements - listen first):

Duets for 2 flutes and piano: Purcell and Telemann:

Also see imslp free music library online.

Graded list of published flute duets

Graded list from The Victoria Conservatory (B.C. Canada) Syllabus:

1~2: Collection: Wir Spielen Dueten, Four Volumes: Universal.
1~3: Moyse, L. 40 Short Duets for Beginner Flutists, Schirmer
3~5: Moyse, M. Album of 30 Duets for Two Flutes, Volumes 1 & 2: International
4 Hugues: School of the Flute, op. 51, Ricordi
4~5: Voxman: Selected Duets for Two Flutes Vol. 1, Rubank
5~6: Pleyel: Three Duets op. 68, International
6 Telemann: Six Sonatas for Two Flutes, op. 2, International
6~7 Voxman: Selected Duets for Two Flutes vol. 2, Rubank
6+ Briccialdi: 16 Dialogues Belwin
6+ Furstenau: 6 Easy Duets for Two Flutes, International
6+ Hasse: 13 Duets for two Flutes, Peters.
6+ Mozart: 6 Duets for two Flutes, Cundy-Bettony
6+ Quantz: 6 Duets for two Flutes op. 2, Schirmer
6+ Telemann: 6 Canonic Sonatas, International
7~8 Moyse, L. Album of Flute Duets, Schirmer
8 Briccialdi: 16 Duets op. 132 book 2, International
8+ Joplin: 7 Scott Joplin Rags for Two Flutes, Shawnee
8+ Kuhlau: 3 Duos op. 81,
9 Mozart: The Magic Flute for Two Flutes, 1792, Universal
9+ Kuhlau: Three Duos op. 10
9+ Kuhlau: Three Duos op. 80
9+ Kuhlau: Three Duos op. 102
10 Kuhlau: Three Duos op. 39
10+ Kuhlau: Three Duos op. 87

Note: Many of the above Kuhlaus as well as the Quantz & Moazart can be found on the CDrom of Flute Methods & Ensembles at See more info and list of solos (all marked with asterisk) from these terrific CD-roms at top of previous repertoire page

Unusual styles - Flute Duets for advanced & intermediate flutists:

Conservatory grade 8+ (or Fluteworld level 2+ to 4):

Three Opera Duets [Rossini, Mozart, Cimarosa] arr. Berbiguire, Ed. BB Mather, Carl Fischer Fun and entertaining to play.

Modern Era:

Charles Koechlin, Sonata, Op. 75 (Salabert)

Robert Muczynski, Duos for Flutes, op. 34 (Schirmer)

Jack Gale's 12 Jazz Flute Duets with playalong CD (Tezak- Music Express EC204 Available at )

Modern Flutist 2 20 Duets for two Flutes by Krystof Zgraja Pub. Schott
These duets are sort of jazzy, sort of pop, in a variety of styles and are
1-2 pages long.

Gary Schocker Flute Duets see:

Bela Bartok 18 Duos for Two Flutes Pub: Boosey & Hawkes

Odd Meter Duets by Everett Gates, Sam Fox Pub.
-include both flat and sharp keys, various styles, triplets, 16ths, syncopations in 5/4, 7/4, 9/8, 5/8, as well as more common meters. Musical pieces with cute titles such as Channel Five, Seventh Heaven, Five layer Cake Walk, & Heptonic Variations.

Music for 2 Flutes 20 Modern Duets by Robert Mols, was pub. by Edu-tainment. Modern with lots of dissonances, short interesting pieces, not easy.

Blowing a Storm by Mike Mower; Itchy Fingers Publications. A really interesting collection of advanced duets (can be tricky to sightread) with jazzy styles.

Broekmans en van Poppel of Amsterdam publish two volumes of Piccolo Solos with piano, and one volume of Piccolo Duets

Flute Duets for Animal Lovers by Chris Potter (intermediate-advanced)

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Contemporary duets by Chris Ludwig:

Free online contemporary duets:
Hebert Lindholm's Kansans 0velmi 0 huilulle, Album of Finnish Folk Tunes

Finnish Folk Song Duet, Suite for two flutes.

Classic duets:
Great flute duos from orchestral repertoire book by Baxtresser:

Ricky Lombardo Duets:

Paul Edmund Davies Duet volumes I & II (2 fl.piano)


Celtic flute duets:

Jessica Walsh & Allan Alexander ~ Celtic Flute, Ancient Airs & Dances, and Renaissance books for flute and guitar, with ASTOUNDINGLY beautiful possibilities for simple to intermediate flute duets played with either one flutist, plus the CD, or two or more flutists, with CD included with books. See 'how to create duets' using three of these Walsh books here.

Webpages with flute duet repertoire lists:

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