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Graded list of flute Etudes
Andersen Etudes order of difficulty

Graded list of flute Etudes
Flute Etude Books by Grade:

Canadian Flute Exam grading system 1 to 10:

Grade 1, 2 & 3:
Bantai-Kovacs, ed. Selected Studies vol. 1: Ed. Mus. Budapest.
Endresen, R.M. Supplementary Studies for the Flute : Rubank
Moyse, M. 24 Short and Melodious Studies: Leduc
Gariboldi, G. 30 Easy and Progressive Studies: Ed. Mus. Budapest.
Gariboldi, G. Etudes Mignonnes, op. 131: Broekmans and Van Poppel.

Grade 4, 5 & 6:
Gariboldi, G. Studies op. 132 (some of which can be found in the Cavally Melodious & Progressive, see next listing). 
Robert Cavally ed. Melodious and Progressive Studies Bk1: Southern.
Dermersseman. 50 Etudes Melodiques, op. 4.: Southern
Andersen. 18 Studies, op. 41: International or Southern.
Andersen. 26 Caprices. International, Southern or Schirmer.
Bantai-Kovacs, ed. Selected Studies for the Flute. Vol. 2: Ed. Mus. Budapest.
Kohler 15 Easy Exercises, op. 33. International
(also found in Melodious and Progressive Studies, Cavally; Southern.)
Kohler Romantic Etudes: Southern.

Slightly more advanced titles:

Voxman Selected Studies for Flute: Rubank.
Berbiguer 18 studies: (Fischer, International, Billaudot. (Edition by Altes includes 2nd flute part)
Genzmer Neuzeitlich Etuden bk. 1: Schott.

Grade 7:
Andersen Studies, op. 33. Fischer, International, Southern.
Bach 24 Concert Studies: Southern
Berbiguer: 18 etudes Fischer, Schirmer, Billaudot (the duet edition by Altes, includes 2nd flute part)
Briccialdi Studies op.31: Ricordi
Boehm 24 Studies op. 37: Fischer
Cavally ed. Melodious and Progressive Studies, bk. 2. Southern
Hugues 40 Studies, Op. 101
Demersseman 50 Etudes Melodiques op. 4: Southern
Donjon 8 Etudes de Salon (The Modern Flutist volume; Southern.
Genzmer Neuzeitlich Etuden Vol. 1: Schott
Kohler Romantic Etudes: Southern
Kohler Studies op. 33 bk. 2: Southern (also found in Cavally bk. 2 above.)
Kummer Melodische Etuden op. 110: Schott
Voxman Selected Studies for the Flute: Rubank

Grade 8:
Altes 26 Studies: Schirmer
Andersen Studies op. 21: International, Southern.
Bach, J.S. 24 Concert Studies: Southern
Berbiguier 18 Studies: Fischer, Schirmer, Billaudot (see note above.)
Boehm 24 Caprices op. 26: Schirmer
Dermersseman 50 Etudes Melodiques: Southern.
Donjon 8 Etudes de Salon: (The Modern Flutist volume; Southern.
Genzmer Neuzeitlich Etuden, vol. 2: Southern, Schott.

Hughes 24 Studies Opus 32 & 75
Schade 24 Caprices: Southern
Voxman Selected Studies for flute: Rubank

Grade 9~10 to A.R.C.T.
Andersen Studies op. 30; International
Bach, J.S. 24 Concert Studies: Southern,
Boehm 24 Caprices, op. 26; International
Casterade Douze Etudes; Leduc
Dubois Trieze Etudes; Leduc
Karg-Elert 30 Caprices; Southern; International; Cundy-Bettony.
Schade 24 Caprices; Southern
Voxman Selected Studies for Flute; Rubank

Very advanced:
Jeanjean Etudes Modernes; Leduc
Kohler 30 Virtuoso Etudes; Kalmus
Robert Stallman The Flutist's Detache Book; Schirmer

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Andersen Etudes order of difficulty
Op. 41
Op. 37
Op. 33
Op. 21
Op. 30
Op. 15
Op. 63
Op. 60

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