Jennifer Cluff ~ Fluteloops with Nathan Zalman

Fluteloops Radio Show No. 1

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Aug. 28th 2006~ the first show:15 minutes in length

Jen Cluff interviews Nathan Zalman
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Table of contents for Fluteloops Show No. 1:

0:00 - 1:47 Flute music by Rhonda Larson: "Movin' On" for solo flute

Jen's intro to first show includes reference to the Rhonda Larson/James Galway interviews.

1:48 James Galway plays Rodrigo Concierto 2nd mvmt

2:01 Zalman on flute warmups

5:49 Galway plays Pergolesi G Major Concerto 2nd mvmt

6:07 Jen's intro. to topic of practicing for a lifetime

6:30 Galway plays Piacentino Concerto 3rd mvmt

Practicing for a Lifetime & Sweet Slavery

9:00 Lorna McGhee plays Farr's Taheke

9:50 Jen's comments on Gareth Farr; NOTE: Sorry for mistakenly suggesting in my radio show that Farr, the composer, is Australian. Totally wrong; Farr is from New Zealand. Huge apologies.

10:10 Jen's intro to the two out-takes

10:28 First OUT-TAKE: Zamphir the bamboo pan flute guy

10: 48 Segue music: 'Be Still My Soul' written and performed by Rhonda Larson

11:25 Donjon's Chante du Vent performed by Sharon Bezaly

11:40 Sobbing during Firebird & Nimrod ~

Elgar's Variation Nimrod excerpt

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