Jennifer Cluff ~ Fluteloops with Sir James Galway

Fluteloops Radio Show no. 2
Jen Cluff interviews Sir James Galway

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Sept. 4th 2006~ the second show
14 minutes in length
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Table of contents:

0:00 - 0:25 James Galway plays J.S. Bach E Major Sonata

NOTE: Jen's discussion with Sir James references the Emmanuel Pahud interview which had occured the day prior.

00:26 - 1:15 Introduction by Jen to the second Fluteloops show

1:16 - 1:32 Sir James and Lady Galway play J.S. Bach's Trio Sonata in G Major, third mvmt.

1:33 - 3:30 Galway speaks on "too much theory, not enough practicing".

3:31 - 3:45 Lorna McGhee plays the Debussy Trio for Flute, Viola and Harp with Mobius.

3:46 - 5:40 Jen talks about Doug Stewart's zen-like lessons

5:40 - 6:34 Galway talks about listening to recordings of Moyse and Heifetz

6:35 - 7:46 Jascha Heifetz plays the Tchaikovsky violin concerto; excerpts include 2nd and 3rd mvmts.

7:39 - 8:56 Galway talks about a need for flute basics

8:57 - 9:14 Emmanuel Pahud plays "Piece" by Ibert

9: 15 A reminder to visit the Pahud interview by James Galway

9:52 Galway plays Khachaturian Concerto, 1st mvmt.

10:02 Galway on how to stand to play flute

10:53 Galway plays Quantz G minor Concerto, 1st mvmt.

11:06 Galway's teacher, Alexander Murray, writes about his best and worst teachers

13:04 Galway performs op. 45 Concerto for Flute by Malcolm Arnold, 1st mvmt.



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