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Jennifer Cluff offers flutists of all ages an ever expanding series of free flute articles that can that help in all aspects of musicianship and flute playing. These articles are in html or PDF .  If you have questions not covered in these articles, and you've already checked google and other search methods on the web, you may first want to use this Sitemap and this Search for keywords for the Jen Cluff website:

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Free flute articles on this site

Beginner flute articles: Finding your very first flute teacher plus: Ideas for the teacher and the beginning flute student. How to assemble your flute for optimum ease and balance. Helpful articles for adult re-beginners too! Magazines, recordings, flute accessories on a budget.:>) You will find these articles on this page.

B. Stage fright? Here are some cures that work. These articles cover every angle of stagefright cures plus further reading that really helps. Go here.

C. Practicing, it's everything: Articles that go from the "I've never-practiced technique" to the pro-level of rotating your technique schedule. All flute practice-book titles included. How to practice scales, arpeggios, etudes. How to practice if you only have a few hours a week for amateurs. Sample advanced technique-practice article: TECHNIQUE with a PURPOSE ;Many of these articles are now here.

D. Tone,Tonguing and Tuning: Click here and scroll down to tonguing specifics.

E. Flutey Books ~ Studio sheet music lists and flute study repertoire. Jen's favourite flute repertoire is here. And book lists are here for students, and here for teachers/advanced players. Book lists for flute books for reading are here.

F. Ensemble Deportment: The "Unwritten Rules" for playing in any ensemble article is now on this site.

G. Ibert tremelos, Prokofiev fingerings and other alternate fingerings are now on this very handy site here.

H. Hand & arm pain? Posture problems? Solutions that work. Adding ergonomic grips and corks; releasing tension while practicing. Rockstro & modified Rockstro hand positions. These articles are here.

I. Funny stuff and misc. Search the Flutenet archived posts for almost 100 flute-morphed poems, general hilarity, and some stuff that's from some of the funniest conversations on "playing the flute" on Flutenet discussion group.

K. Buy-sell-test a flute: Selling your old flute? If you're buying a new or used flute go here.

M. Special Flute Techniques:  Discussions on using vibrato, how, when, and using it with finesse are now here.

N. Playalong flute sheet music with CD accompaniment. Jen's tested playalong recommendations have been added to recently. See Favourite Flute Repertoire and click on Playalongs.

O. Breathing: How to breath quickly and noiselessly articles are now here.

P. Flute repertoire:  All links to flute repertoire lists are on the "repertoire lists" page. Jen's Favourite Repertoire is online on this site here. .

Q. Teacher's Information: Practice charts for novice/intermediate/advanced. Ideas for first time teachers, on-going teaching issues, charts of flute tone and intonation progress, and special information for highschool students who've been asked to teach young beginners. Parents may also find pointers about teacher knowledge levels here.

R. Articles for high school flutists/intermediates. Preparing for a band chair audition with no private teacher to help you? Preparation tips for your first recital; Ideas to help you feel prepared for your fiirst competition; Chart of flute-playing levels so you can define your level when asking questions on email groups, or phoning teachers etc.

S. For young flutists who want to become professionals: Self-teaching until lessons begin, outreach for youngsters who need to find top private teachers, steps to professional careers. These articles have almost all been moved here on this site.

T. Flute CD recommendations
My 'desert island' flute CDs and lists of interesting classical flute CDs to buy; flute videos; also jazz flute listening lists. These articles are all here
on this site now.

U. Dynamics for flutists:   The full "how to" of Dynamics for novices is now on this site here. Gaining a full, rich tone for flute students (rich and full tone needs to precede learning softer dynamics.)

All Articles:  You can download them, format them into whatever reading format you prefer offline, print them as a flute book, and hole punch the pages into a binder for future reference and your own note-taking.

Also feel free to write with further flutey questions to all the wonderful flute teachers and professionals on Flutenet

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