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Free and good flute sheet music has been rare to come by, but free public domain sheetmusic is starting to become available if you can sort the good repertoire works from the mediocre.
In the long run you'll want to purchase published sheet music, as it keeps the music in print, and you get top quality paper, ink and bindings to play, mark up, erase, and play again. 

Your flute teacher would be the best source for asking which repertoire pieces you'd like, would suit you, and would present the right level of challenge, as you develop. ( Helpful hint: Avoid playing pieces that are far too difficult. When you're finally good enough to play them well, your "hacky junior version" might come through as muscle memory.)

And most free sheet music is either quite patchy in quality, not error-free (wrong notes, strange dynamics an slur markings),  or not quite in the form you want it (instrumentation has to be re-arranged etc.). Plus there are many old vesions (old editions) that have slurpy slurs, dynamics and cadenzas written that give away an old slurpy style of playing that isn't used anymore (too dated). So be aware of the most modern editions and why they are printed as they are.

Truly great quality sheetmusic is usually owned by a publisher. It is professionally published and sold in a sheetmusic store. Check Fluteworld and JustFlutes to find out what's in print.

Great compositions are usually too instrinsically valuable to give away for "free" unless it's an old edition of a Baroque piece, with possible printing errors, or strange slur marks etc.

So, knowing that the quality may be questionable, as of March 2018 the free sheetmusic sites that I've found that have some flute pieces, mostly for intermediate and advanced flutists in are:

Recently found: best free music source for flute solos, studies, duets in downloadable PDF:

1. All flute scores and parts in pdf at Petrucci IMSLP  free music library.

 2. Score online Flute collection:

Eastman School of Music - Rochester University:

Including: Quartets, Quintets with woods and strings, flute and piano repertoire such as:

Enesco Cantabile et Presto
Briccialdi 16 Diaologues for two flutes
Gaubert Fantaisie for flute and piano
Alfred Brooke flute Method vol. 1
Ravel Piece en forme de Habanera

 3. Gariboldi etudes, J.S. Bach, Telemann Fantasias, Mozart Duets,  and more. All free; good copies.

  4.  Florida University Library Flute Collection (Drouet, Nicholson, 19th century variations).

All free flute music, some gems. Just right click to save pdfs, or use download arrow.

5. Flute Tunes - All free. This site has pdfs, midis, mp3s and sheetmusic, such as Vivaldi Four Seasons (fl/pno), Telemann opus 2 Duets, Mouquet "La Flute de Pan", Goddard Allegretto, Gaubert Madrigal, all in pdf. There are lots of Christmas Carols for flute and piano, as well as Celtic tunes and some famous orchestral themes. Popular folk music also there. All in pdf; good clean parts.

6. Some fun educational flute music and playalong mp3 tracks:

7. Folk Music, Old-time Dance Music and Ethnic country music - Britain, Balkan, Armenia, Greece etc.

8. All public domain scores in pdf sorted by composer or with "flute" as search term:

Good for Bach, Telemann and 1 or 2 suprisingly good modern flute editions like Griffes Poem etc.

BEST: Flute Technique, Scales & Warmups:

Herbert Lindholm's full bookof exercises, warmups,
fingerings, scales, trills and technical practice ideas are in his FLUTE BASICS manual.

Basic Flute Technique, Album of Studies  op. 26 (1994)
Contents: Foreword, Scales, Tecnical patterns, Interval exercises, Tone Studies, Other exercises, Chord exersices, Trill chart, Micro intervals, Some usual modern flute sounds, The Parts of the flute, Numbering of keys (Bartolozzi) (41 pages)

PDF FILES The Album Complete:

Lindholm's manual is in four parts.
The first has one octave and two octave scales,
Blues scale, chromatic scale etc. Part two has patterns
to use as daily scale exercises (uses your brain and trains
your fingers!) lip flexibility exercises, and Parts three has
tone exercises, octave and third patterns, tonguing,
multiple tonguing and vibrato.
Part four has both trill and basic fingering charts.

All four parts print out as 41 pages that can be hole punched and put in a binder. Help yourself: Lindholm is a smart flute teacher and very generous. :>)

Free Flute Duets:

Easy Duets for two flutes (free online):

List of easy flute duets: (not all strong in the duet writing department, but may be useful):

Mozart & Scarlatti Duets (scroll down when you arrive at final link):

Baroque Duets:

Quantz duets:
Duets for 2 flutes and piano: Purcell and Telemann:

Also, antique 1800s flute tutor duets: large file size:

Easy to intermediate marches in duet and trio:

Duets vol. 2

Duets vol. 3

Popular airs in duet from 1800s:




  Library of almost every flute etude and concert piece by
flute composer, etude writer and virtuoso:
Joachim Andersen: All works

PDF versions of easy, light-hearted flute music (Mozart/Debussy etc.):

 Renaissance, early-Baroque composers including
J.S. Bach, CPE Bach,  Byrd, Vivaldi, Handel and Dowland:

J.S. Bach Cello Suites (transcribed for violin)
and other great Bach works by BWV number in pdf:

19th Century Flute Music by Nicholson & other flute treatise composers:

MIDI files of flute repertoire (for playalong): 

All other composers listings for same as above (but mostly for string players):
Scroll down at:

Easy Flute Trios of Celtic Traditional pieces,
arr: Galway for Flutewise:

Jazz Flute transcriptions, James Moody pieces:

Popular flute classical pieces (Pachelbel, Debussy etc.):

Free Klezmer music:

Herbert Lindholm avantguarde flute music/duets/quartets:

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General free sheetmusic links

(search for flute):

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Free Flute Duets:


 If you check your local library system, or look to buy ($40) two All-flute-sheetmusic CD-roms filled with hundreds of pieces for flute and piano, and flute methods, studies and duets, see and click on Woodwinds-Flute. There is no greater bargain for binders full of flute sheet music, studies and duets that you print out yourself (full piano parts included for all solos).

For a list of the best pieces and etudes on the above CD-roms see:

Jen's Favourite repertoire.

All asterisked pieces at the "Faverep" link, above, are on these Cd-roms called "The Ultimate Flute Sheetmusic".

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