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Selections of Favourite Repertoire
for Flute & Guitar
Can you help me find great duos for flute and guitar?

Here is some great repertoire for flute and guitar.

By level of difficulty:


Suitable for a novice flutist, but intermediate difficulty for guitar:

Jessica Walsh & Allan Alexander Duos for Flute & Guitar.

See the books of flute and guitar music at Titles include Celtic Music for Flute and Guitar, World Music for Flute and Guitar, Ancient Airs and Dances, , Medieval and Rennaissance Music for Flute and Guitar etc.
Each of the seven or so books by Walsh-Alexander comes with CD and almost all that specify 'guitar' in the title have fully written out guitar parts and in many cases an additional book of guitar tablature.
For guitar parts that use CHORD symbols only, choose the first book called:
Celtic Music for Flute by Jessica Walsh. It's a great starter book. The guitarist can play simple guitar chords, or has the option of using the CD to develop an accompaniment based on the chord symbols.

Easy to Intermediate Flute & Guitar sheetmusic books for gigs:

Guitar & Flute Duet Book

The Rosewood Book for flute and guitar

Intermediate level of difficulty:
Flute/Guitar repertoire:
Celso Machado (1953 --) Musiques Populaires Bresiliennes

Particularly the two tunes called: 
Pacoca (Choro) and/or Quebra Queixo (Choro)
These are GREAT pieces from Machado, who is from Brazil. They're easy to read, and really catchy. ---------------------------------------------------------------

Maurice Ravel (1875-1937) Piece en Forme de Habanera

Often heard in flute/harp, flute/piano versions, the flute/guitar
version should be readily avail. from etc. Great atmospheric piece--a real audience pleaser. (3 min. long)
Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959) Bachianas Brasileiras 

No. 5 Aria (Cantilena)

Slightly more complex for guitarist, but well-loved (taken from the version originally for soprano and eight cellists.) Flutist needs to have good breath control.
Haru No Umi  ~ The Sea in Springtime

A fabulous Japanese piece, with the sounds of wind, seagulls, and happy boaters floating in a wave filled harbour.
Really atmospheric. A flute part (look for Miyagi and Japanese translation of title) is avail. on line to view only at:
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Francis Kleynjans "Deux Arias" ~ Aria 1 and 2
Available at and other stores, this is a great piece. Sunny, upbeat and charming.
Flutist must have a good high register with ability to play softly and lyrically in high.

Guitarist must read well, and have solid rhythmic ability.
See also the more advanced world music for flute and guitar by  The Almanova Duo:

Watch their guitar and flute performances on youtube:

Order their sheet music:


Also see and hear good quality flute/guitar music by Christopher Caliendo at his website:

More advanced repertoire: for accomplished players:
Astor Piazzola's Histoire du Tango Four mvmts in all.
Easiest mvmt: Cafe 1930 which is slow, moody and bluesy (in a Tango-style.)
Other three mvmts. much more challenging requiring grade 10
(Canadian RCM exam level) or higher for both players.
Jacques Ibert's Entr'acte

Short and exciting, very Spanish. Both players must have great
rhythmic control, and flutist needs spectacular breathing ability.
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (1895-1968) " Sonatina for flute and guitar."
Quite challenging, lots of fast changes, and rapid passagework.
Avail. at and other stores.
Exciting, complex and delightful.
All mvmts. very beautiful. Depicts sunny mornings in California.
Hope this list helps you get started on some good standard repertoire for your future chamber music library.
All the above pieces were winners for my flute/guitar duo.

But if you're inexperienced, or your guitarist is, start with Celtic Music for Flute by Jessica Walsh (with guitar chords only), or Celtic Music for Flute and Guitar, which has fully realized guitar parts/tablature.
Great for gigs too.

Jen Cluff
Listen to flute/guitar repertoire sound samples:
Gauk & Hoeppner Tango CD

Gauk & Hoeppner Toward the Sea CD

Gauk & Hoeppner Sea in Springtime CD

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Lists of all in-print flute and guitar music:

Repertoire lists at the Websites of professional flute/guitar duos:




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