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Modern Music for Flute &

Extended Technique Repertoire Lists

Modern Music (pre-extended technique)

Repertoire lists: 

Overtones Flute Books (Royal Conservatory flute/piano repertoire) contains graded contemporary pieces as well as classic repertoire. Search index of [404 Not Found].

Modern music for flute or flute/piano by grade for the older RCM Canadian exam system (top three grades of 9, 10 and A.R.C.T. are advanced level flute repertoire). Scan through list at: rcmsylla.htm

Modern music for flute and piano that is more contemporary
(1910 to 1950+):

Leonard Garrision's Twentieth Century music for University flutists:
See: Twentieth Century: Flute Solos (scroll down at):

Extended Technique for Flute, Links:

Graded Repertoire with Extended Techniques
for Flute, Piccolo, Alto and Bass Flute by
Helen Bledsoe: 

Extended Technique Resources page with lots of links and reading:


  Flutists and composers specializing in ExTech:

Robert Dick  Flute Extended Technique Videos,

youtube videos, books:


Helen Bledsoe articles and samples of Extended Techniques for Flute


Ian Clarke - Contemporary Flutist and Composer:
Blogspot of Ian Clarke
Matthias Ziegler webpage -Contemporary flute specialist
Will answer questions online on Galway's chat group:
[404 Not Found]/et/et.htm

 Program notes for a typical recital of Extended Technique flute repertoire performed by Helen Bledsoe:

Masterclasses & compositions by Wil Offermans in Flute Ex.Tech:
Classroom music for multiple flutes or flute solo by Phyllis A. Louke
 that introduces young players to Ex. Tech for flute:
  [404 Not Found]


Sample of written music and sound file MP3s of ex. tech piece for two flutes by Van Decker

Articles on the Interpretation of Contemporary Flute Music and Extended Technique


Thoughts on interpretation and technical preparation of contemporary music; A flutist's perspective by Helen Bledsoe 

 The article is broken up into a series of new blog entries under the category "contemporary music" accessible here: 

Multiphonic source books by Robert Dick:

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Dick's sound samples and descriptions of how to produce contemporary flute techiniques:


Mats Moller's sound samples of extended techniques for flute

[404 Not Found]

CDs of flutists that contain contemporary flute music:

Sound samples of contemporary flute:

1. Leona Buyse's CD: "The Sky's the Limit":

2. Robert Dick, see discography and listen to samples at: [404 Not Found]

Hear Robert Dick demonstrate extended techniques and describe how to perform them at:

3. Mats Moller, listen to extended technique samples:

4. Ian Clarke - Contemporary Flutist and Composer:
Blogspot of Ian Clarke listing all CDs and all sheetmusic
6. Collected works by Brian Ferneyhough, composer for flute:
Music for Flute CD;
See CD at Amazon: 


There are many many more; please send me lists of some of your favourites! :>) Jen

Flute CDs of all kinds including contemporary flute works and new compositions:


Also see:

and other CD online companies

and search for FLUTE under CDs.

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