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Piccolo links, information & repertoire lists

Articles on starting piccolo:

Taming the Little Beast (article on learning picc) by Leonard Garrison: NEW:
(old link:

Article -  How to start on the piccolo by Jen Cluff:

Piccolo Articles for band teachers/students:


Buying a piccolo:

Dealers in the U.S. to buy or rent piccolos, or to ask for brand
recommendations from experts:  

JL Smith co.
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Carolyn Nussbaum


Woodwind & Brasswind:
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Places online to look for used instruments, see list of used-flute/piccolo places on Jen's used flute page:


Shopping for piccolos in the U.K?

Try: JustFlutes, [404 Not Found], TopWind.

Comprehensive Piccolo repertoire and link collections:

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Piccolo CD reviews and other picc info: 
Advanced piccolo repertoire lists:   [404 Not Found]piccrep.html  

Piccolo practice books/methods:  

Wye, Trevor & Morris, Patricia: A Practice Book for the Piccolo Includes warmups, many orchestral excerpts sorted by skill required into sections of practicable work. Publisted by Novello.

Piccolo Craft by Andrew Lane (at justflutes - review)
Barone, C. Learning the Piccolo, Little Piper.
Beaumadier, J. Exercises for Piccolo, Billaudot.
Eden, D. Piccolo! Piccolo! vols. 1 and 2, Just Flutes.
Kohler, E. Practical Directions for Learning the Piccolo, Zimmerman.
Morris, P. The Piccolo Study Book, Novello.
Morris, P. and Wye, T. A Piccolo Practice Book, Novello.
Towarnicki, E. Technical Studies for Piccolo, PWM.
Tulou, J. Popular Method for Piccolo, Ricordi.  

Piccolo Fingerings:

List of piccolo fingering charts to look for in back issues/University libraries. See the following fingering article links:

Piccolo fingering charts on the net

Also see:


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NOTE on earplugs:

Remember to use earplugs. If you can't afford musician's earplugs foam ear protection plugs are available in drugstores, hardware stores etc. for 50 cents a pair. For $8 to $15 you can buy yellow cone-shaped rubberized earplugs, connected by a blue string, and these are purchased at any store that sells 'construction' or 'machinery' earplugs. These can be pulled out a little, in order to be positioned to allow some sound in during quiet pieces, and be fully pushed in the ear during very loud pieces (like 1812 Overture etc.) Nice to have the two plugs on a string so that you can have them around your neck when they are not being used (listening to the conductor etc.).

Wear earplug in right ear always when at home, and especially when practicing high register!!!  Advice: Do not wait until your ears are ringing. (( :>o Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (best piece of advice yet!!)  

Jen Cluff :>)

Piccolo Repetoire lists online

Piccolo repertoire for concerts/contests

Piccolo Solo or Piccolo & Piano repertoire lists

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Advanced piccolo repertoire lists:   [404 Not Found]piccrep.html  

Piccolo repertoire for highschoolers:

Q: Can anyone recommend some piccolo solos for a 10th grade sophomore?
She has a beautiful tone on piccolo, and her technique is not
extremely advanced re: keys with multiple sharps/flats, 32nd notes,
etc. I need some fresh ideas for a piece for solo & ensemble contest for

Jen replies:

Basic piccolo repertoire (not too difficult):

Any Baroque Sonata by Telemann, Handel or Vivaldi
12 Fantasias by Telemann
School for Piccolo by KOHLER
Piccolo, Piccolo (book 1 & 2) (unacc.)by Eden
Pieces for highschoolers (novice to intermediate):
Johnson - Wind in the Pines
Isaacson - November Song
Dvorak - Air Gracile
Walters- Tarantella Festivo
Shostakovich - Polka (from The Golden Age)
Christensen's Piccolo Francaise
Christiansen's Piccol'O'Reilley
Kozlowski - Acrobatics
Offenbach -Souvenir de Reveillon Galop
Schubert Military March/TritschTratsch Polka
Confrey/Holcombe -Dizzy Fingers
Damare - Le Moineau Parisien
Damare Piccolo - Polka
Ritter - There's Nae Luck ( Scotch Fantasia)  

From Alry publishers:
Lombardo's The Little Hornpipe
Lombardo's Winsey
Michal's 4 Dances
McDowell's Seven Impressions
Pettigrew's The Picc'in Suite (or fl)
Intermediate piccolo pieces:

Trevor Wye's piccolo collections:
Album for Piccolo & Piano - Volume I
Album for Piccolo & Piano - Volume II
Contents of two Wye books:

Volume I ~ Contents:
1. Damare Le Roitelet (Polka)
2. Brockett The Mocking Bird (Polka)
3. Le Thiere L'Oiseau du Bois (Polka)
4. Moore The Merry Linnett (Bolero)

Volume 2 ~ Contents:
1. Green Piccaroon (Polka)
2. Le Thierre L'Alouette des Chaps (Polka)
3. Brewer The Deep Blue Sea (Polka)
4. Brockett The Linnet (Polka) (arr. S Dodwell)

Also see Trevor Wye's van Poppel book:
Piccolo Duets, 2 piccolos and piano
Piccolo Espagnol by Christensen
Mower, Mike - Sonata for Piccolo
Lax's Fantasia on Mexican Airs
Lax's [ed Trott] Fantasia on American Airs
Musgrave's Piccolo Play (Homage to Couperin)
Isaacson's Fearless Whistler   Find more at under 'piccolo' in grade 7 and up.

For more online piccolo repertoire lists click here.

Also: The following basic highschool piccolo repertoire list is also online in PDF:

Florida Bandmasters Association
Solo and Ensemble Music List - Woodwinds
Revised 2003


Christensen - Piccolo Francaise KM Grade 3

Dvorak/Johnson - Air Gracile (piccolo) RU Grade 3

Koepke/Voxan - Bergamask RU Grade 3

Schudel - Two Miniatures KM Grade 3

Walters - Tarantella Festivo (Piccolo only) RU Grade 3

Elliot - Fantasy SMC Grade 4

Hurell - The Dance of Elizabeth (picc only) RU Grade 4

Jacob - March to Buer Wessen (Pied Piper) Unaccomp - OX Grade 4

Johnson - Wind in the Pines RU Grade 4

Koehler - Papillon CF Grade 4

Koepke - Meadowlark (with Chanson Pastorale) RU Grade 4

Lombardo - Winsey LMP Grade 4

Telemann/Voxman - Sonata in F Major ASE Grade 4

Damare - Turtle Dove ASE Grade 5

Damare - The Wren ASE Grade 5

Dumare - The Lark ASE Grade 5

Green - Picaroon ASE Grade 5

Koepke - Popinjay ASE Grade 5

Le Thiere - L'Oiseau du Bois (Pollaca de Cancert) ASE Grade 5

Popp - Nightingale Serenade ASE Grade 5

Presser - Rondo TP Grade 5

Quantz - Concerto in G Major (Mvmt. 3) ASE Grade 5

Bottje - Concertino (any 2 mvmts.) ASE Grade 6

Christensen - Piccolo Espagnol KM Grade 6

Persichetti - Parable (XII) for solo piccolo EV Grade 6+

Vivaldi -Concerto in A minor (Mvmt. 1 or 2&3) ASE Grade 6+

Vivaldi - Concerto in C Major (P.79F.Vl.4) (Mvmt. 1 or 3) ASE 6+

Vivaldi -Concerto in C (P. 78 F.Vl.5) (Mvmt. 1 or 3) ASE 6+

Lieberman - Concerto for Piccolo Op. 50 (Mvmt. 3) PRES 7

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