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Dear Fluters,

I'm not really a classical music lover; I want to play big-band and jazzy stuff, as well as some show-stoppers etc. I know that books of flute music probably don't have those kind of tunes, but is there even one book that you think I might have fun with? I play at a kind of novice level (but want to get better.) I'd also love it if there was a playalong kind of CD with a band on it. Do such things exist for my level of fluteplaying?

Jen replies: For novices looking for popular music for flute.
Go to:
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Very good listing to choose from. Tons of books that come with playalong CD in all styles. Check out the four full pages of purchasable pop music.

You may also want to google Hal Leonard (a publisher that carries lots of flute books with CD that are non-classical) and google around with search terms like "Jazz Flute" and "Celtic Flute".

The De Haske Flute & CD playalong books are also very very good.

See: De Haske Playalong books for FLUTE.

Or use the search for all DeHaske books (rock, pop, jazz etc) at:

I also loudly second the recommendation for the Jessica Walsh Celtic Flute book. Full description on how to use it and buy it at:

Or if you're in the United Kingdom, (or just want titles you can order from US, but using a UK catalogue,) go check out the online sheetmusic listed at:

At the above "Just flutes" site, look for "music catalogue" in upper right hand corner.Next: Choose the catagory:

They also have tons of cross-over stuff (jazz/popular) so read their recent reviews of pieces and books too. Tons with CD.
U.S. sheetmusic companies CAN order them, even if they're from Europe. Using the above
Just Flutes sheetmusic catalogue links you will find everything from Abba to Gershwin to Disney, Blues, Swing, Lating and jazz. (Note: watch out for the Disney books for kids, though---too hard and not in the right key as the movie soundtrack.)

There are a series of books called "Take the Lead" for flute which include things like Ragtime, Swing, Pop, Movie Musicals etc.

Have a look at some of the [404 Not Found].

You will also find lists of celtic music for flute at:

as well as links to "session tunes" where you can download irish and celtic music.

For other free flute music go to:

For more online stores that sell sheetmusic that's non-classical see:

Go to:

and search for the terms Flute Sheet Music Popular or go to and search in sheetmusic for words like "Tango", "jazz", "Celtic" etc.

BEWARE of Disney books. They are often in the wrong key, too hard to read rhythmically, and poorly arranged. I've had several students buy them by themselves, and be thoroughly disappointed. If you are unsure, stick to De Haske publications which seem to be well checked by flute players before publication.
Jen Flute-teacher

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