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List of Grade 9-10-ARCT Repertoire for Flute from RCM Syllabus(1992 edition) Note: new 2006 edition is $15 Cdn. and widely available in music stores in Canada. Published by Frederick Harris Music.

To see a great grade 9/10 performance on youtube click here.

Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, Canada:

Perform two contrasting pieces; one from list A, one from list B:




List A: (Baroque/Classical)


CPE Bach- Sonata in G Major (Hamburg)

J.S. Bach- Sonata No. 3 or 4 (BWV 1032 or 1033)

Blavet- Sonata in d minor (La Vibray)

Devienne- Sonata in D

Handel- Sonata in e minor op. 1

Haydn- Concerto in D

Marais- Les Folies d'Espagne (Theme and 11 variations)

Pergolesi- Concerto in G Major

Stamitz- Concerto in G

Telemann- Fantasia for solo Flute[Play two of 2, 3, 6 or 12]

Telemann- Sonata in C Major


List B: (Romantic/Contemporary)


Chopin- Variations on a Theme by Rossini


Donizetti- Concertino

Fukushima- Mei for solo flute

Ganne- Andante and Scherzo

Genin- Carnival of Venice

Giron- Sonata for flute and piano

Hindemith- Acht Stucke

Honegger- Danse de la Chevre

Kuhlau- Introduction and Rondo sur "Le colporteur de Onslow"

Martinon- Sonatine

Pentland- Sonatina for solo flute

Reinecke- Ballade

Roussel- Joueurs de Flute- Krishna & M. de la Pejaudie

Saint-Saens-Airs de ballet d'Ascanio OR Odelette

Schafer- Sonatina for flute and harpsichord (or piano)

Somers- Etching from The Vollard Suite

Add: Orchestral Excerpts

Etudes/Scales/Arpeggios/Sightreading/Ear Tests

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List A: (Baroque/Classical)


CPE Bach-Sonata in a minor for solo flute OR Sonata in B flat op. 130

J.S. Bach- Sonata in b minor (BWV 1030)

J.S. Bach- Sonata in E (BWV 1035)

J.S. Bach- Suite No. 2 in b minor (BWV 1067)

Benda-Concerto in e minor

Blavet- Concerto in a minor

Boccherini- Concerto in D

Couperin- Concert royal no.4

Leclair- Concerto in C op.7 no.3

Quantz- Concerto in G Major

Telemann- Concerto a cinque in D OR Sonata in f minor OR Suite in a minor


List B: (Romantic/Contemporary)


Bartok- Suite Paysanne Hongroise

Bedard- Sonata

Beecroft- Tre pezzi brevi

Bennett- Winter Music

Chaminade- Concertino

Doppler- Hungarian Pastorale Fantasy

Enesco- Cantabile and Presto

Faure- Fantasie

Gaubert- Nocturne and Allegro Scherzando

Ibert- Piece




Jones-Rondo for Solo Flute

Martinu- First Sonata

Milhaud- Sonatine

Pepin- Quatre monodies pour flute seule

Poulenc- Sonata

Reinecke- Undine Sonata

Taffanel- Andante Pastorale et Scherzettino

Tulou- Grand solo no. 13 or no. 5

Varese- Density 21.5 for solo flute

Vivier- Piece pour flute et piano

Weinzweig- Divertimento


Add: Orchestral Excerpts

Etudes/Scales/Arpeggios/Sightreading/Ear Tests

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Final Grade: A.R.C.T. stands for "Associateship with the Royal Conservatory of Music" (Toronto/Canada)



Play one selection from each of three catagories


List A: (Baroque/Classical)


CPE Bach Concerto in d minor

Gordelli Concerto

Ibert- Concerto

Mercadante- Conerto in e minor

Mozart- Concerto in G+ or D+

Nielsen- Concerto

Quantz Concerto in D+ (Potsdam)

Reineke Concerto in D+ op. 283


List B: (mixed historical periods)


J.S. Bach Partita in a minor for solo flute BWV 1013

J.S. Bach Sonata no. 5 in e minor BWV 1034

Burton- Sonatina

Franck- Sonata

Jolivet- Chant de Linos

Kenins Concertante

Morawetz Sonata

Muczynski Sonata

Piston Sonata

Prokofiev- Sonata

Schubert- Intro. & Variations on "Trockne Blumen"

Widor Suite


List C: (Romantic/Contemporary)


Aitken - Plainsong for solo flute

Badings - Capriccio

Berio - Sequenza for solo flute

Boehm Grande Polonaise op. 16

Boehm - "Nel cor piu"

Bozza Image for solo flute

Dohnanyi Passacaglia for solo flute

Doppler- Airs Valaques

Dutilleux- Sonatine

Ferroud -Trois Pieces

Griffes- Poem

Hetu- Quatre pieces pour flute et piano

Jolivet- Cinq Incantations

Martin- Ballade

Messiaen- Le merle noir

Sancan - Sonatine

Sigurbjornsson- Kalais for solo flute

Taffanel - Fantaisie sur le "Freischutz"

Taffanel- Grande Fantasie on themes from "Mignon" (W. Bennett edition)

Tremblay- Envol-Alleluia pour flute seul

Add: Orchestral Excerpts/piccolo excerpts

Grade V Theory, V History, two years of Ear-training, Grade 6 piano.


The complete Syllabus of the Royal Conservatory contains grades 2 -10, A.R.C.T., studies/etudes, scales/arpeggios, sightreading samples, and theory co-requisites, and is available from most of the larger Canadian sheet music companies, and also from: RCM Music store: (416) 597-9809 or see their website:

The complete Syllabus also specifies publisher's editions for use in exams.

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