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Practicing for Artistic Success. Burton Kaplan

The Musician's Way. Gerald Klickstein

Music and the Flute. Thomas Nyfenger

The Simple Flute from A to Z. Michel Debost

Conditioning Training for the Flutist. Werner Richter

The Physical Flute. Fiona Wilkinson

The Art of Playing the Flute (Vol I to III). Roger Mather

Becoming an Orchestral Musician. Richard Davis

Flute [Schirmer]. James Galway

The Art of Flute Playing. Edwin Putnik

Bel Canto; The Rampal School. Sheryl Cohen

Body Mapping for Flutists ~ What every flute teacher needs to know about the body . Lea Pearson

The Flute Player's Book with CD. Vernon Hill

The Performer Prepares. Robert Caldwell

Illustrated Fluteplaying. Robin Soldan/Jeanie Mellersh

Alternative Fingerings for the Flute. Nestor Herszbaum

Playing in Colour: Improving Tone for Advanced Players.Ann Cherry

Kincaidiana. John Krell

The Gilbert Legacy by Angelita Floyd

The Flute. Ardal Powell

Proper Flute Playing. Trevor Wye

101 Inspirational Stories from the World's Best Flute Players.


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More flute methods and practice books below with added thumbnail descriptions

More sources for flute books and ideas:

A great selection of flute methods (covers shown) and flute books for online purchase from Van Cott Services

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Books that relate to flute performance:

The Listening Book. W.A. Mathieu
The Artist's Way.
Julia Cameron
The Inner Game of Tennis.
Timothy Gallwey
To Hear Ourselves as Others Hear Us.
James Boyk
You Are Your Instrument.
Julie Lieberman
A Soprano on Her Head.
Eloise Ristad
Passionate Practice; The Musician's Guide to Learning, Memorizing and Performing.
by Margret Elson
Reflections from the Keyboard.
David Dubal
The Inner Game of Music.
Barry Green/Timothy Gallwey
Effortless Mastery.
Kenny Werner
The Art of Teaching.
Gilbert Highet
 The Art of Playing the Piano.
Heinrich Neuhaus.
The Aladdin Factor.
Jack Canfield
Release the Butterfly.
Robert Murray Diefendorf
The Music Teacher's Companion- A Practical Guide
by Paul Harris and Richard Crozier
Teaching Genius.
Barbara Lourie Sand
Art & Fear.
William Pleeth
The Simplicity of the Violin.
Herbert Whone
Life Classes.
Yehudi Menhuin

Novels with large musical themes:
The Soloist. Mark Saltzman

The Student Conductor. Robert Ford

An Equal Music. Vikram Seth


Non-fiction; Musical Life

Nothing But the Best - the Struggle for Perfection at the Julliard School  by Judith Kogan.
 Real Men Don't Rehearse: Adventures in the Secret World of Professional Orchestras
by Justin Locke
 Mozart in the Jungle (note: a little racy! Jen) by Blair Tindall
In Concert: Onstage and Offstage with the Boston Symphony Orchestra by Carl Vigeland

Recommended Music Education Books

"Psychology for Musicians: Understanding and Acquiring the Skills"
Andreas C. Lehmann

"The Music Teaching Artist's Bible Becoming a Virtuoso Educator"
Eric Booth.
"Sound in Motion: A Performer's Guide to Greater Musical Expression"
David McGill.


Educationally useful DVDs:

To Fight and To Play

Music from the Inside Out

Orchestra! DVD


Favourite youtube videos (mostly flute):



Best flute method books for advanced students:
All time favourites listed first:

Roger Mather - Author

The Art of Playing the Flute. Vol. 1 Breathing, Vol. II Embouchure Vol. III Posture, Fingers, Resonances, Tonguing, Vibrato

If you are looking for explanations for every facet of playing the flute well, then then three volume set of workbooks by Mather are unsurpassed. Every pointer and experiment you could possibly need are covered in his three volumes. You can use each experiment many times over the years to correct tone problems, and to ascertain flexibility in breathing, embouchure and tone colour. Highly recommended. E-book/pdf is only $22.

 Fiona Wilkinson:
The Physical Flute
- great book for learning to relax and poise
posture while playing, and releasing tension for a soaring tone. Also
good info. for using vowel dynamics, playing soft high register etc.

Werner Richter:
Conditioning Training for the Flutist
- a fabulous, detailed
explanation of all embouchure changes and suggestions for easiest
positions for maximum results (dramatic tone colours, easy high
register, very easy large-interval slurs etc.)

Sheryl Cohen:
Bel Canto Flute ~ The Rampal School
- great focus on articulation with
breath support on every note. Terrific collection of pieces (Bach
etc.) and etudes studied with Rampal and Marion and all technical
notes made during 10 years of study.

Walfrid Kujala:
The Flutist's Vade Mecum
- great resource for stabilizing fingerings
in fast and slow playing of scales, arpeggios and sequences. Very
relaxing, good fingering charts, very calming approach to finger

Robert Dick:
Tone Development Through Extended Technique
- best book for developing
core of the sound through singing-playing, throat tuning, vowel
placement of interval leaps etc. Huge number of fingerings for
extended technique tone colours etc.

Etudes ~ Current Favourites:

Paul Edmund Davies - 28 Day Warmup - for intermediate/advanced flutists; highly intelligent and useful warmups and interval daily exercises. Highly recommended. Davies also has demonstration videos online.

Robert Stallman:
 The Bach Handbook - excellent intermediate level one-page studies
taken from suites, partitas and keyboard works. Beautifully editted.
Make terrific warmups (as do Julius Baker's Bach collections from
Arias and Oratorios.)

Robert Stallman:
The Flutist's Detache Book
- for advanced students. Fabulous book with
hundreds of studies and pieces for single, and multiple tonguing.
Excellent in all respects!
Old standards, favourites:

Marcel Moyse:
 De La Sonorite - best ever tone development book
 Exercises Journaliers - great book for all finger technique
Twenty-four Melodious Studies with Variations - explains
simplification of etudes vs. the addition of variations that add
Gammes et Arpeges - a dictionary of every possible arpeggio and scale
Tone Development Through Interpretation - opera melodies to be played
in all registers with all dynamics; focus is on vocal quality and
extensive colouration and phrasing.
John Wion:
Fabulous flute transcriptions of famous opera arias with full
piano parts. A great start to collecting all of John Wion's Opera
Excerpt books
for those who love Opera, or are training to play in
opera orch.
Cd-roms for the budget minded advanced flutist:
Orchestral Musician's Library: Flute CD-roms full parts

CD-roms (currently 5 CD-roms in all) containing a huge number of
flute1/2/picc. parts for Beethoven, Bruckner, Mahler symphonies etc.
All parts full size, full symphonies and overtures.
Unbelievably valuable for playing along with your fave. CDs of
pro-orchestras playing standard symphonic rep (at home!), or for
preparing for upcoming concerts prior to rental music arriving.
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For the intermediate player or teacher:
Theodore Presser's Ultimate Flute Sheetmusic Cd-rom
See Woodwinds- FLUTE for full indexes of
1. Flute Solos (print out on your home computer flute and piano pieces in full)
2. Flute Methods, Studies & Ensembles at:
Trevor Wye:
Omnibus edition of "Practice Books for the Flute vol. 1-5" All topics
covered: Tone, Scales, Arpeggios, Vibrato, Intonation etc.

Good, fundamental books for all players.

Complete Daily Exercises- Great warmup melodies, full range scales to
D4, execerpts of Taff/Gaubert, Boehm, Reichert studies.
Taffanel & Gaubert:
17 Daily Exercises - Fundamental shorter version book for intermediate
to advanced players. Galway loves the etudes in the "Complete Method"
that is the hard-cover version (includes much more than just the 17
daily exercises.)
I personally only use the daily exercises in this occassionally, as I
prefer other books for students (less expensive ones.)

Vernon Hill:
Flute Player's Book with demo CD - great for the returning player or
adult amateur as all techniques (breath impulses, vibrato, tonguing
etc.) are demonstrated on CD, and clear, concise instructions on how
to practice, and WHY practice certain techniques.

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