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Flute lessons & teaching:

As a private flute teacher Ms. Cluff has a busy studio with flute students from both The Vancouver Island University's performance program and The Nanaimo Conservatory of Music in Vancouver Island's central district (Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Parksville, Qualicum).

 Jennifer's former students have successfully continued their studies at major universities in Flute Performance Bachelor of Music programs, as well as in Jazz and Composition programs. She also very much enjoys working with amateur adult flute players as well as teens and dedicated beginners.

For one-on-one flute lesson registration in the Vancouver Island area contact the Conservatory of Music at (250) 754-4611 or get in touch with The Vancouver Island University Music Department at Malaspina campus.

Online flute help: Sorry, no Skype lessons at this time; I am writing a book.  Private lessons in person only. (2019-2022)
Due to recent flute player population EXPLOSIONS on the internet I have received "How to" questions sent by email that often repeat information that is already available online or on this website.. Therefore: 
If you are a complete beginner at the flute, find a local teacher, and get yourself an inexpensive "how to book". Books for adult beginners are here. If you learn by listening (as most of us do) use the internet to listen to good flute playing.
You can also read the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, and/or check Jen's Blog Index (including teaching videos).

Do you have flute questions you cannot find anything about on google? First try to find an answer on your own.


If you have pressing flute-related questions, and you wish to engage Jen for online tutoring, please first read over the free articles offered on this site, check whether your topic has already been covered on the 100s of articles on Jen's webpages, and THEN ask clarifying questions of the many helpful flute teachers at Flutenet Yahoo Group, and then finally, if you have thoroughly searched and still not found your answer, only then you may contact Jen herself with remaining specific queries: Time permitting.

For online tutoring with Jen: Online tutoring can consist of one MAJOR question per month by email. The reply will consist of one hour of teaching from Jen (including technology time). Book Jen in advance, and then send an MP3 or Youtube video of your flute playing problem area. Optionally you can snail-mail Jen a DVD, or CD of your playing, along with your question(s) recorded in sound, or typed out in an accompanying letter. This method of teaching is NOT recommended for those who are avoiding weekly lessons with a qualified teacher. Online lessons are rarely needed if you have sought out a quality private instructor in your area and proceeded to study the flute in the conventional method, where weekly progress is assisted by a teacher who can view you and hear you in person.
Payment for one hour of tutoring can be made by sending Jen a $60 U.S. gift certificate from  or send a gift certificate from Alternately you can use the Donation button. Payment must be received in advance of the lessons commencing.

Personal touch:  Jennifer Cluff lives with her trumpet playing partner, writer Garry McKevitt, on a beautiful rain forest island in the Georgia Straight where on a still day, the practicing of both instruments can be heard for at least 200 yards in any direction. Garry's book of wonderful short stories, entitled "Dead Reckoning", is available by clicking through to Trafford Publishers. Enjoy all!!!

Jen Cluff's email: jen (at) jennifercluff (dot )com

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