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Technique Duet samples from Jen's Book "The Magic Flute"

Technique Duets for scales, exercises and arpeggios for teachers and students to play in lessons.

Print out the samples of duet technique in PDF.

My new book, coming out this year (or next; good things take time! :>) contains quite a few etude selections, technical exerciess, tone development studies, and of course, ways to make practicing and playing technique, such as scales and arpeggios, more fun.

I was mentioning the other day on one my blog about how much fun it is to perform technique as DUETS when a student comes to their lesson. It prevents robotic playing, in my opinion, and adds the opportunity to play with line, phrasing and musicality.

There are five excerpts of my technique duets online for printing. Please please please respect the copyright in trying them out.

To help imagine the sound of these, here is a midi playing them in Sibelius. But of course they are FAR more beautiful played live by flutists. You'll be astounded at how chuffed the student will be to present them in lessons when they appear as duets, instead of just exercises.

Print out the samples of duet technique in PDF.

Listen to each duet played by midi

1. Taff-Gaubert E.J. No. 4

2. Reichert No. 1 as duet

3. Irish Jig Natural Minors

4. Arpeggios for Tone & Tuning

5. Harmonized Scales for Novices

Leave comments on blog. Thanks to all teachers who have input. Love to know what works best for all of us to keep the spice in lessons!

Best, Jen cluff


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