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How to play from the Jessica Walsh Celtic and World/Renaissance books DUETS with the CD for at home practice, or at flute lessons:

If you own any of the following three books of music by Jessica Walsh and Allan Alexander, and would like to play a duet with the enclosed CD, print out this list of "create your own duet" for using at home, as one flute plus CD, or at your flute lessons with two flutes and CD. Click on each book title below to see the covers, to avoid confusion when the two book names are similar.*

Watch a short clip on youtube about these Celtic Music for Flute books by Jessica Walsh.

Visit the author's site:

1.Celtic Music for Flute [with CD] by Jessica Walsh 

(download link)

(book/CD link)

Playalong Method: Playalong Method: Home practice: Start the CD that comes with the book, and alternate with the recorded flutist. When they play the Melody, you play the variation. 'Variation' is usually clearly marked on the music; you can write Flute 2 start there in pencil. while the flutist on the CD plays the opening melody you can play the Variation, or you can play drones, or unison. When the CD flutist reaches the 'Variation', that you've already played, you meanwhile zoom up to the top of the page, and start playing from the start of the piece; the melody. The following pieces all work this way unless otherwise marked. How to play as a duet without CD: First flute plays as written. Second flute plays drones (based on chord symbols) until first flutist reaches "Variation". Then second flute plays the top of the page (melody) while flute one plays variation. Which ones work in this book? Celtic Music for Flute - Walsh The following pieces all work this way unless otherwise marked.


pg. 1 ~ Follow my Highland Soldier
pg. 3 ~ The Gentle Maiden
pg. 4 ~ O as I was Kissed Yestreen
pg. 5 ~ Song of the Falcon Chief
pg. 7 ~ Hunting the Hare
pg. 9 ~ The Foggy Dew
pg. 10 ~ The Cuckoo's Nest
pg. 11 ~ Cold and Raw
pg. 13 ~ Silent O Moyle
pg. 19 ~ Shule Agra
pg. 20 ~ The Butterfly
pg. 23 ~ Send 'em Running
pg. 31 ~ Hush my Babe Lie Still and Slumber
pg. 32 ~ An Emigrant's Daughter
pg. 33 ~ Johnny Cope

2. Medieval & Renaissance Music for Flute [with CD] by Jessica Walsh (link)

pg. 3 ~ The Dream of Arren
[Note: 2nd flute player starts after 3 eighth notes, and follows like an echo].

pg. 15-16 ~ Carmen Vernale
[Note: 2nd flute player starts at top of pg. 16 when first player starts at beginning]

pg. 22 Ungaresca
[A "Round" for two OR three flutists. 2nd player enters after first player finishes 4 bars.]

pg. 29 ~ The Market Truants
[2nd flute starts at third line when 1st flute starts at beginning.]

pg. 35 ~ Reis Glorios
[flute 2 begins at Variation, when flute 1 is at beginning.]

pg. 37 ~ Whip my Toudie
[flute 2 begins at top when flute 1 has reached third line.]

3. Ancient Airs, Cantigas & Dances for Flute and Guitar [with CD] by Allan Alexander and Jessica Walsh (link)

pg. 2 ~ Acorrer Nos Pode
2nd flute starts at measure 38 and takes Da Capo, returning to top of page.

pg.5 ~ Wizards of Arren
When flute 1 reaches bar 19, 2nd flute starts at top.

pg. 6 ~ A Virgin En Que ROUND
Flute 2 starts at bar 49 when Flute 1 reaches bar 25

pg. 11 ~ O Que En Santa Maria
Duet: 2nd flute starts at bar 49 and takes D.C.

pg. 12 ~ Ben Pode Seguramente
Easy Duet: 2nd flute starts at bar 26 and takes D.C.

pg. 15 ~ A Sennor Qui Mui Ben Soube
Flute 2 starts at top when Flute 1 reaches bar 13.

pg. 16 ~ Quen Omagen (Cantiga 353)
Flute 2 starts at measure 13 from when Flute 1 starts at bar 1.

pg. 24 Cantiga Encantador Leitao
Flute 2 starts at bar 23

pg. 27 ~ Come with me My Giselle
Write in: a D.C. sign at end of bar 27 Also: Write in a pause over the F# in bar 16.
Continue as follows:
Flute 2 starts in bar 15, taking pause when Flute 1 cadences. When flute 2 reaches end of bar 27 they should da capo to top of piece, ignoring last two bars at end of piece.

This last one is really amazing when done this way. There will be a few minor dissonances but WHOA!!! So mystical sounding when played along with the CD.



Jen's picks for solos and duets created from using:

Title: Celtic Music for Flute Vol. 2, with CD. By Jessica Walsh. (link)

Good solos (Jen's faves but don't necessarily work as duets, giggy winners)!!!

pg. 1 Eleanor Plunket
pg. 2 Bradt Hollow
pg. 12 The Ranting
pg. 23 Cary Jane (BEST!)
pg. 25 Jefferson's Galop


How to create playalong duets:

a) play the variation when the CD flutist is playing the main melody
b) play drone tones on the chord names: C------A--------C------G------etc.
c) improvise based on the melody, chords or variation
d) play with a flute friend, where one person plays right on top of the CD (same as the recorded flute) and the other flutist plays drones, followed by the melody overtop of the variation.

Here are the best ones from this book:

Good Duets (playalong with CD or 1-2 flutists/guitar/pianist):

pg. 9 Down by the Glenside (GOOD!)
pg. 11 Blackbird
pg. 13 Cuckoo
pg. 18 The Meeting
pg. 19 I'm the Boy
pg. 20 The Burning of the Piper's Hut
pg. 27 All the Forepart 
pg. 28 A Scot's Tune
pg. 33 Dermot O'Dowd
pg. 37 Er Ean Bashtey 
pg. 39 Captain 
pg. 41 The Grinder
pg. 48 Arrane

Could be fixed to be better duets with some re-writing:

pg. 50 In Scotland
pg. 21 Boulavogue
pg. 26 Drogh Dance

See more books from these authors.

*Exception: The following title sounds similar to the first book listed above, but is not the same book.  Celtic Music for FLUTE AND GUITAR [see cover], is not included as a book to have duets made out of it, as the flute and guitar parts are already fully written out and have a more complex interweaving already. The above book with "guitar" in the title is also published as "flute and piano" with a newly written piano part, and not to be confused with the simpler chord-symbol only arrangements found in book number one above: Celtic Music for Flute [with CD] by Jessica Walsh

All three of the above books can be ordered at Justflutes, Fluteworld, Amazon, ADG Productions and by following the links you'll find there. I recommend these books because I ADORE them, as do all my students, children and adults, and, of course, not because I'm in any way related to the company or composers. Jen Cluff. :>)


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